“Suffer (Allow) the little children to come unto me”

Jesus was talking to people healing people there was a great crowd around him and the disciples were turning the little children away and telling them to leave, we are much like the disciples we look at them and like them and glad there around but we look over them also, they have little minds that soak up every thing and can be taught any thing, some of my fondest memories are from Sunday School when I was a child, I had some good Sunday School teachers that made an impact upon my life.

Jesus taught a great lesson here in his words, He said “Suffer the little children to come unto me“or “Allow the little children to come unto me“, we all must come to Christ , with child like humility and child like trust, I trusted my Mother and Father as a child I knew with all my heart they would take care of me, that is the way we must come to Christ, with child like humility and belief in what He says he will do.We also must not deny the little children to come to Christ either, the more they learn about him in there youth the more they will remember when they grow up, even if they go the wrong direction for a while they will always know where to come back to, that’s what happened in my life and as I talk to others the same with them. So allow the little children to come to Christ we could learn a lesson from their child like faith because we must have the same child like faith.

This generation I have found that they don’t know who Adam and Eve are or David and Goliath, or Jona and the whale, all the stories we were told as children even the songs like “Jesus Loves Me”, they don’t know the songs, God help us to reach the children of this generation. If our nation is going to make it in the future we are going to have to teach our children that the bible is real and the stories are true stories not fables and myths. Paul said in the bible there would come a time when we would not endure sound doctrine and it’s happening right before our eyes. wouldn’t it be great if we all would take a child to church this Sunday and teach them about Jesus, The world is teaching our children that marriage doesn’t mean any thing any more, they are teaching them we came from apes. They need to hear they were “Fearfully and wonderfully made by God. They need to know God created man and breathed the breath of life in to man, They need to know that when a child is in there mothers womb it is a living being, God Help us reach our next Generation with the truth of God. These teens need to know there is an absolute truth. there is a right and a wrong, and there is no gray area, I will leave you with this thought, You allow children to come to Christ but you persuade adults to come to Christ.”

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