Are your Mutual funds, Funding Anti American Groups???

I am not racist, I have nothing against the muslim people, but I do have something against American money going to people who would like to see Americans Dead and some of the money in your mutual funds are funding oil companies that support those who give money to those who would Harm American lives in the Middle East. I would ask you to look at your mutual funds and ask your advisor if you have money in foreign oil companies that support them.OPEC is one. Iranian oil bought or funded through your money is helping support those who would do us harm. please ask your broker if they want to put your money in oil commodities use it for American oil commodities it may not make as much money but it would not go to those who would harm us either. like I said earlier I am not against the muslim people but I do not want to support those who support Anti American Groups God help you if you don’t take this seriously I went through my mutual funds and some of it sure enough was going to companies in the middle east needless to say I don’t have mutual funds any more. It is your money you have a say so in where it goes some are too lazy to ask their broker to do something about it but next time we get attacked by a group that attacked in 2001 again you helped support them. If you cut off their supply of money that will hurt them more than any thing. We must be proactive in this even when the stock market is as volatile as it is today. You may be supporting terrorism and not know it. so please be proactive and see where your money is going toward, it has been so long since they attacked us kids now days don’t know what it was like that day I remember it well and most with 401ks or mutual funds do remember what it was like that day.I will never for get it and those American troops fighting for out freedom they will not for get it either God Bless them we own out US Military a great debt of gratitude for what they do and have done. The last thing I would like to say is please see where your money is going. PLEASE thank you for taking the time to read this.and God Bless You.all


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