Every one needs a Friend

Things happen in our life horrible things and some times they are so bad we wonder how every one else is not feeling the same way as we are, we may have lost a loved one, or we may have gone through a serious break up in a relationship, or some type of hardship what ever they case may be, and we look around and the world around us is still moving like nothing happened well, in reality nothing happened to them. Times like that is when you need your true friend that can relate to the pain your going through. the world is an awful lonley place if you don’t have that one friend that can help you through things, its good to have a pastor to go to. Its good to have a counselor to go to, but neither one is like having that friend that will just listen and tell you what you need to hear, or not say any thing at all. I have a friend like that I can call him any time of day or night and he will be right there for me and I would do the same for him. We all have friends but do you have a friend that you can go to with any thing and just know it’s confidently and just know they won’t tell a sole on earth what you talked about that’s the kind of friend I am talking about. Friends are hard to come by and when you get a buddy that will stick with you through rough times and good times you are a blessed person, I am blessed because I have one of those in my life, now my wife is a great friend but she can’t provide the type of friendship I need some time and each of you know whether your a woman or a man you know what it means to have that friend.  If you don’t You are probably thinking right now who is that friend I can trust with my life who is that person I can communicate with that understands me. If you don’t know right away who that person is you don’t have that type of friend. Oh you may have friends but do you have that one. If you do be very thankful you do because if something ever happened to my buddy I would feel left alone in the world, you know we can go a month with out talking but when we need each other we are there for one another. Hey get you a friend like that you need one. Think of the friends you do have and chose that one and do some thing for them out of the blue maybe do something for there kids my friend has children and I love them like my own. I would help them also. find that friend and keep them keep in touch call them once a month and check up on them. keep them close they may need you or you may need them sometime and if you keep them close they will be there for you. Find that friend this year who knows something might happen this year and you might just find out who that one friend is. If your going to have a friend it works both ways also be there for them they need you like you need them, get you a friend and keep them close. God Bless