Thoughts and Ramblings

How to get people to serve the Lord
Jesus said in Matt.9:37-38 “then saith he unto his disciples the harvest truly is plenteous but the laborers are few; pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest will send forth laborers into his harvest.”
Where do we get laborers for church work? Jesus told us right there in this passage of scripture “we pray for them” He wouldn’t have told us to do it if he didn’t plan on answering the prayer. We simply pray but when we pray we must pray believing not wishful thinking but pray like they will turn up tomorrow. That’s how we must pray, but they will come in his timing.
All though we sometimes over look laborers siting under our noses, some people just need to be asked to do something. I am never afraid to ask someone to do something in the church. You’re not just asking them to do something for the church; you’re asking them to serve the King of Kings the Lord of the Harvest, notice who’s harvest Jesus said it was “Into His harvest” it is his harvest, it is His church. When you ask someone to do something in the church there are no meaningless task in the church, whatever you ask them could have the potential to impact or change the lives of hundreds or thousands of people there are no meaningless tasks for the Lord.
The problem is we approach it the wrong way we ask them like we are asking them to work for something that doesn’t matter. Everything that we do for the Lord is a great matter.
When we ask someone to serve the Lord we must have the right mind set about it, you’re giving them the opportunity to serve the Lord the King of Kings, you’re not just asking them to work for the church. Approaching it with that mind set it means a lot more than just asking someone to do something for the church, you are asking them to serve God, and no one should feel guilty about asking others to serve the Lord that gave his life, took their sin, paid there sin debt, and rose from the dead and is now alive for ever more sitting at the right hand of God and one day will come back to receive his own. God help us get back in the service of the King who is able to do exceeding and abundantly above all we ask or think
We must change our mentality about the things dealing with the church, the world has humanized Christ and I think the church has also. Christ is God we will all one day bow the knee and say Christ is Lord. There is no other name under heaven whereby we shall be saved. Christ built the church not man the church is an institution created by God in heaven, man has built buildings and called them churches but the real church exist everywhere Christians gather together whether it is in a basement or a cave or in the middle of the desert somewhere, Christ should be the center of attention in the church. Once the churches of America put Christ back in the center instead of rock concerts and plays and dramas and productions made by man, the power will be back in the church, the church lost its power when it let the world in. I have read about revivals that changed entire towns and spread across America back when preachers preached on sin and repentance and that hell is real and Christ is the only way to get there. But now there are preachers heretics that say there are many ways to heaven. Well they will find out one day the bible says the way is narrow. And the bible says what it means and means what is says. I just pray Christians will get back to God then the power would come back. There was a time when the church had power over the world now the world is using the church like a door mat they let the Ten Commandments be thrown around like some type of toy to be played with. There is still power in those words; you tell me what’s wrong with,
Thou shalt not kill (Murder) Thou shalt not commit adultery Thou shalt not bare false witness and the other 7 you can find them in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5 most folks that stand up for the Ten Commandments can’t find them in the bible that is why I wrote the reference down so you could look them up. Back to the question what is wrong with them that they are so bad you have to take them down that no one can see them? Well that is my thought and ramblings but they are important thoughts and ramblings I pray someone would take them to