God does not discard his children

God does not discard his children, Jeremiah 18 God tells Jeremiah to go down to the potters house, and there he would speak to him.

He showed Jeremiah a practical lesson on how he treats his own. The potter was making a piece of pottery when something happened it was marred in the potters hands we don’t know what happened but we do know it was marred, but what happens next is the lesson, the potter took the same piece of clay and reshaped it into a fine piece of pottery. That is what the Lord does with us at times we get marred we get out of Gods will we get for countless number of reasons marred and unusable for the potter, but He will not discard He will not throw us in the trash bin on the contrary he will use us He will reshape us into what he would have us to be.

There are some things we have to do to be reshaped we have to allow him to reshape us we can’t be rebellious and expect him to do with us what we want to do, we have to be willing to do what He would have us to do. I have learned that a lot of times we let others shape us into what they would have us to be instead of letting God shape us into what He would have us to be, being influenced by others not exactly peer pressure but following others to there will instead of Gods will is almost or is disobeying God. When God leads we should follow his sheep hear his voice and they obey him,  but some times we listen to the wrong voice and wrong influence of others and those others might be a spiritual person wanting to do right but they are not God You have the same Holy Spirit that every child of God has listen to the Great Shepherds Voice. Listen to those who will steer you in the direction of the will of God not in the direction of there will.

When we stray one thing is for sure God will use us again, He will not throw us in the trash, I have met people that will say “You just don’t know what I have done” listen there is nothing God will not do to bring you back into his will and he will use you again, you may have strayed far from the flock of God but the prodigal son come to his senses and came back to the father some time we have to come to our senses and come back. Some time we have to stop and listen to the still small voice that is in each of us we need to listen to the Spirit of God.

You may be away from God right now and know your away that is a very dangerous place to be openly disobeying God and his will for your life. Get back into the fellowship of other Christians and have them pray for you and with you that you will find Gods will again for your life. Let him reshape you into something fit for the masters use. God Loves You personally regardless of what you may think He loves you enough he sent his son Jesus to die in your place and all your sins were nailed to that cross when he paid your sin debt. He will take that clump of clay that you are and reshape you into something beautiful something with purpose something that will bring him glory. Go back to God would you?

God Loves You and he wants to reshape you.

God Bless