What does it mean to be called a Christian

The disciples were known among themselves as brethren, not until AD 48 were they known as Christians in the book of acts 11:26 the bible says

“And when they had found him, he brought him unto Antioch. and it came to pass that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church, and taught much people, and the disciples were called Christians first at Antioch.”

The name Christian which in the only other cases where it appears in the New Testament Acts 26:28 1st peter 4:16, which is used as mockery at first, they earned the name by being so much like Christ and adhering to his teachings so profoundly they brought the name upon themselves by the gentiles as a joke or slander or mockery. Little did they know the term would some day be used to respect the church they hated so much.

We use the name to identify ourselves with anything associated with Christ; this name needs to be earned as it was in the 1st century with great respect. Witnessing is given to the believer as a command, bible reading is given to the believer as a command, and prayer is commanded to the believer to name just a few.

The name Christian was given to those who participated in these things and were accused of being like Christ, but it stuck and many people call themselves Christians when they are merely believers.  There is a difference, “a big difference”

We can’t just call ourselves Christians that name has to be earned if a person tries to be like Christ to the best of there knowledge then they can be called a  Christian respectfully, but some one who just shows up at church thinking they have done God a good deed for the day or doing God a favor for being there and has nothing to do with Christ commandments such as witnessing, bible reading, and praying daily,  shouldn’t take the name and run it through the mud so to speak

That name is reserved for people that obey Christ, Jesus himself said “If ye love me keep my commandments. My prayer is that if we are going to call ourselves Christians we should act like Christ would have us to act. We should earn the title, no one is a self proclaimed Christian the name is earned with great respect. for a title at one time was used to  slander has once again become a joke to the world when they see some one whom calls themselves a Christian and then acts the same way as the worldly carnal man does they do have the right to use the term Hypocrite .

So What does it mean to be called a Christian to you? Will it impact the way you conduct yourself among worldly people. To be called a Christian is a great honor one with great respect. Are you up to the challenge or are you comfortable playing the role in front of others?

Let’s live up to the term and act like little Christ’s instead of just using it to identify our selves with others to whom should not call them selves Christians.

The name Christ means “The Anointed  one” I wonder what Christ himself thinks of the way his name is used by some to profit money from his name or for other purposes just to look good?

I dare ask him.

Let’s try to live up to the name respectfully,


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