The Second Man

In today’s society everyone wants to be at the front of the line or the one being seen. The church is no exception I have seen it with my own eyes. My view is every good pastor needs a good second man, some one to help him in times when he has to much on his plate, Leading a bible believing church is hard work and without a good second man the pastor gets over worked and can’t do what the bible tells him to do. The pastor should be in the word and prayer continually, daily,

If you belong to a church and you have a pastor that works hard at preaching he needs your help, I am not a pastor at my church but I do work hard at trying to help my preacher, I am not a Deccan either I am just a layman preacher that is willing to help my preacher any time he calls on me, It is an honor for me to get a call from my preacher to do something for him. The more I help him the more he can help me on Sunday morning and Sunday night and Wednesday night, The more we help our pastor’s the more they can help our family.  We should all have a servant spirit about us to help our preacher when they need us.If you belong to a bible believing church and you see your preacher doing something other than counseling or preaching just ask him “Can I help Preacher“? I would say he would say yes you can.

It is not up to the Pastor to do every thing in the church. Help your preacher and you will see he will be able to help you more in the pulpit. God Bless and I hope you ask your preacher this week if you can help him do something for him he needs all the help he can get.


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