Thank you for reading my post

When I started blogging i really didn’t think any one would be interested in what I had to write. I am humbled by the readers that have read my writing I know I am not the best far from it. My grammar is not so good but. Thank each of you and God Bless you for taking your precious time to read these postings. I really try to help others and be an encouragement to others That is my goal in these writings and ramblings is to encourage we live in a hurting world and I really want to help hurting people. Gob Bless you.

“Suffer the little children to come unto me”

Jesus was talking to people healing people there was a great crowd around him and the diciples were turning the little children away and telling them to leave and Jesus taught a great lesson here in his words, He said “Suffer the little children to come unto me” we all must come to Christ as a child with child like humility and child like trust, I trusted my Mother and Father as a child I knew with all my heart they would take care of me, that is the way we must come to Christ, as a child.We also must not deny the little children to come to Christ either the more they learn about him in there youth the more they will remember when they grow up even if they go the wrong direction for a while they will always know where to come back to that is what happened in my life and as I talk to others the same with them. So allow the little children to come to Christ we could learn a lesson from there child like faith because we must have the same. I will leave you with this thought, You allow children to come to Christ but you persuade adults to come to Christ.” Think on that God Bless you all. Sign my Guest book some time I would like to hear from you Good or bad opinions.

God does not discard his children

God does not discard his children, Jeremiah 18 God tells Jeremiah to go down to the potters house, and there he would speak to him.

He showed Jeremiah a practical lesson on how he treats his own. The potter was making a piece of pottery when something happened it was marred in the potters hands we don’t know what happened but we do know it was marred, but what happens next is the lesson, the potter took the same piece of clay and reshaped it into a fine piece of pottery. That is what the Lord does with us at times we get marred we get out of Gods will we get for countless number of reasons marred and unusable for the potter, but He will not discard He will not throw us in the trash bin on the contrary he will use us He will reshape us into what he would have us to be.

There are some things we have to do to be reshaped we have to allow him to reshape us we can’t be rebellious and expect him to do with us what we want to do, we have to be willing to do what He would have us to do. I have learned that a lot of times we let others shape us into what they would have us to be instead of letting God shape us into what He would have us to be, being influenced by others not exactly peer pressure but following others to there will instead of Gods will is almost or is disobeying God. When God leads we should follow his sheep hear his voice and they obey him,  but some times we listen to the wrong voice and wrong influence of others and those others might be a spiritual person wanting to do right but they are not God You have the same Holy Spirit that every child of God has listen to the Great Shepherds Voice. Listen to those who will steer you in the direction of the will of God not in the direction of there will.

When we stray one thing is for sure God will use us again, He will not throw us in the trash, I have met people that will say “You just don’t know what I have done” listen there is nothing God will not do to bring you back into his will and he will use you again, you may have strayed far from the flock of God but the prodigal son come to his senses and came back to the father some time we have to come to our senses and come back. Some time we have to stop and listen to the still small voice that is in each of us we need to listen to the Spirit of God.

You may be away from God right now and know your away that is a very dangerous place to be openly disobeying God and his will for your life. Get back into the fellowship of other Christians and have them pray for you and with you that you will find Gods will again for your life. Let him reshape you into something fit for the masters use. God Loves You personally regardless of what you may think He loves you enough he sent his son Jesus to die in your place and all your sins were nailed to that cross when he paid your sin debt. He will take that clump of clay that you are and reshape you into something beautiful something with purpose something that will bring him glory. Go back to God would you?

God Loves You and he wants to reshape you.

God Bless

What does it mean to be called a Christian

The disciples were known among themselves as brethren, not until AD 48 were they known as Christians in the book of acts 11:26 the bible says

“And when they had found him, he brought him unto Antioch. and it came to pass that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church, and taught much people, and the disciples were called Christians first at Antioch.”

The name Christian which in the only other cases where it appears in the New Testament Acts 26:28 1st peter 4:16, which is used as mockery at first, they earned the name by being so much like Christ and adhering to his teachings so profoundly they brought the name upon themselves by the gentiles as a joke or slander or mockery. Little did they know the term would some day be used to respect the church they hated so much.

We use the name to identify ourselves with anything associated with Christ; this name needs to be earned as it was in the 1st century with great respect. Witnessing is given to the believer as a command, bible reading is given to the believer as a command, and prayer is commanded to the believer to name just a few.

The name Christian was given to those who participated in these things and were accused of being like Christ, but it stuck and many people call themselves Christians when they are merely believers.  There is a difference, “a big difference”

We can’t just call ourselves Christians that name has to be earned if a person tries to be like Christ to the best of there knowledge then they can be called a  Christian respectfully, but some one who just shows up at church thinking they have done God a good deed for the day or doing God a favor for being there and has nothing to do with Christ commandments such as witnessing, bible reading, and praying daily,  shouldn’t take the name and run it through the mud so to speak

That name is reserved for people that obey Christ, Jesus himself said “If ye love me keep my commandments. My prayer is that if we are going to call ourselves Christians we should act like Christ would have us to act. We should earn the title, no one is a self proclaimed Christian the name is earned with great respect. for a title at one time was used to  slander has once again become a joke to the world when they see some one whom calls themselves a Christian and then acts the same way as the worldly carnal man does they do have the right to use the term Hypocrite .

So What does it mean to be called a Christian to you? Will it impact the way you conduct yourself among worldly people. To be called a Christian is a great honor one with great respect. Are you up to the challenge or are you comfortable playing the role in front of others?

Let’s live up to the term and act like little Christ’s instead of just using it to identify our selves with others to whom should not call them selves Christians.

The name Christ means “The Anointed  one” I wonder what Christ himself thinks of the way his name is used by some to profit money from his name or for other purposes just to look good?

I dare ask him.

Let’s try to live up to the name respectfully,

The Second Man

In today’s society everyone wants to be at the front of the line or the one being seen. The church is no exception I have seen it with my own eyes. My view is every good pastor needs a good second man, some one to help him in times when he has to much on his plate, Leading a bible believing church is hard work and without a good second man the pastor gets over worked and can’t do what the bible tells him to do. The pastor should be in the word and prayer continually, daily,

If you belong to a church and you have a pastor that works hard at preaching he needs your help, I am not a pastor at my church but I do work hard at trying to help my preacher, I am not a Deccan either I am just a layman preacher that is willing to help my preacher any time he calls on me, It is an honor for me to get a call from my preacher to do something for him. The more I help him the more he can help me on Sunday morning and Sunday night and Wednesday night, The more we help our pastor’s the more they can help our family.  We should all have a servant spirit about us to help our preacher when they need us.If you belong to a bible believing church and you see your preacher doing something other than counseling or preaching just ask him “Can I help Preacher“? I would say he would say yes you can.

It is not up to the Pastor to do every thing in the church. Help your preacher and you will see he will be able to help you more in the pulpit. God Bless and I hope you ask your preacher this week if you can help him do something for him he needs all the help he can get.

Complacancy in the 21st century Church

The difference in our day and earlier days in our country is the dependence upon God, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, “Israel”, we have moved away from the dependence on him to dependence upon Wall Street, we all want to know how the Dow Jones did to-day or what ever your invested in, Oh we go to church because it is the right thing to do. but do we listen to the man of God when he delivers the message God has given him for his people? We have become complacent disinterested in the things of God. We have let a few people take down the Ten Commandments from our schools and look what that has gotten us. At least when they taught them in the class room there was an absolute right and an absolute wrong, now they say what is right for one may not be right for another. Well in my moral compass “Thou shalt not kill” “murder” is still wrong, Thou shalt not steal is still wrong, Christians have become so complacent about their religion they sit by and let the “aclu” go ahead and take them from us, if there were as many Christians in this country that say they are Christian that would have never happened.There use to be a time in America when the Church had Power from God but now we have become a door mat for the world to wipe their feet on. Don’t get me wrong I am still going to church and I am still telling people about Christ, but the majority don’t they sit on their sofas while the atheistic lawyers are up at night figuring out ways to take the church down, which it will never do because Christ said “Upon this rock I will build my church.” and when he builds it satan can’t pull it down.

We are complacent of the “Old time religion” and I am skeptical about the word religion. I believe a man should be spiritual and The bible says That God is spirit and we must worship in him in Spirit and in TRUTH, We have quit praying in the homes across this great nation, God is not a magic gini in a bottle to rub when you’re in trouble he is there for us all the time if we would accept it. The bible says “Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world”. We have all the power we need if we would do what we are told in the Bible, We should quit doubting the bible and go on and use it to raise our kids and keep it in the center of our homes. Complacent Christianity is hurting the 21st century church. People have lost interest and they have humanized God in such a way that makes him no more than (please excuse the expression) “the man up stares” God is still God and there is only one way to him that is through Christ Jesus and his atonement for our sins on the cross and his resurrection on the 3rd day.

But complacency has stifled the church we used to have 2 week revival meetings now we have 3 day meetings, it takes 3 days to get right with God at a revival meeting, it takes 3 days  to get it going. in our day and time with all the allurements and attractions. We can get more to go to a ball game than we can to church for 1hr on Sunday morning I just wonder if all those professing to be Christians are even Christians at all

The text here is 1 Tim 4:13 “exhortation doctrine”Till I come, give attendance to, attendance to reading, to  , some don’t like the word Doctrine I don’t know why because doctrine is what we believe and teach. Doctrine is so important this is where many veer from the bible and go off on their own teaching. Tickling the ears of others and luring folks away from sound doctrine given in the bible. But some folks like that ear tickling don’t get me wrong I think God wants us to know he loves us and we should preach that he loves us, there is  a real Hell and a real Heaven and you have to know you’re a sinner to be born again so some time or another your going to have to hear a sermon on sin.  We could read our bible and see that for our selves if the TV would shut off some time,

Both the body and the brain have a tendency to be Lazy!  Modern Technology allows and encourages us to put our brains in neutral and let the television, the internet. the video game, or the cell phone do the thinking for us. People boast of being broad-minded but are too lazy to think about what is right. Are you complacent in your service to Christ have you become lazy and disinterested in the things of the Lord? All you have to do is ask for forgiveness and start getting busy for him. He will forgive you no matter how far you have move away from him he is always there ready for you to come back.

Complacent means in a sense half-hearted, cold, having or showing a lack of interest. God Bless you and may you serve him with all your heart.  Start today.