Help for the hopless

“Help for the Hopeless”

Years ago I was a hopeless soul, I would go to parties to be around lots of people but I would be so lonely, I did that for years I had girl friends thinking that would help, but I was still lonely and depressed I would sit around contemplating suicide many, many nights I thought of it, but I have 2 girls just thinking of them kept me from going ahead and doing it.

My little brother at the time was in church and he brought the preacher out to see me several times and I thought nothing of it, I got to the point where I had to do something or I was going to die. literally, so I went to the doctor and he admitted me into the hospital and wouldn’t you know it that same preacher came to the hospital and we had prayer. That was the first time I really prayed I had never been a spiritual person but something about this mans prayer struck a cord in my heart, after he left I prayed some more. I said “God if you are real and if you can hear me please help me”. I went through another rehab I stayed for about 18-20 days in the hospital and rehab center. I met my wife in the hospital and yes she was a patient we both had different problems and all the odds were stacked against us her family didn’t really like me at first.

But when we got out I started going to church with my children and my mother, every other week, some how things started making since to me, my girlfriend at the time went with me (MY wife now) and I knew she was the one I would marry so I worried her to death and finally I got her to commit to marriage it took some doing but I got her. After we got married in the church we were going to we started going all the time and God began working on us both, a few years later God impressed upon my heart to preach and I tried to get out of it but I couldn’t so I began to preach and I have been preaching now for about 9 years, and she has made a great preachers wife she is so encouraging to me in the ministry of helping others.

Well I said all that to say if you are lonely and depressed Christ can help you through that hard time in your life. Remember it won’t last forever good things are around the corner find a church and a preacher to talk to and pray. God will hear your prayer if he did it for me I know he will do it for you. No one is ever to far gone for God to intervene and help. Loneliness and depression are a spiritual matter and only Christ can help you in Spiritual matters. God Bless you If you need help please let me know write me and let me help you or pray for you. “There is Help for the Hopeless in Christ”