The Touch that Changed a Life

In the gospel of Mark it is filled with impossible cases, it has been called the “Bible home for incurables” There are 3 cases given in this chapter that are humanly impossible

There was the demoniac man there was the diseased woman and there was the dead girl. All of these cases were impossibilities and still are today. In today’s time the demoniac man would be institutionalized in an insane asylum and the diseased woman would be taken to the terminal care unit at the hospital and the girl would have went to the grave yard.

But as we look at these events we see that Jesus is more than adequate for every situation, there are no incurables with him. When Jesus came in to the world he was bound for the cross, but as he went up until the day he died for you and me, he helped people along the way.

This lady was no exception she had lived with this terrible disease for 12 years she had spent all her money on the doctors and they had no cure for her, she was left Hopeless, But one day she heard Jesus was coming into town and she had to go to him finally she had a little hope. We hear of people going to church but I wonder how many go to get to Jesus him self I wonder who goes to touch him every one wants him to touch them but who goes to touch him?

This lady had lived a horrible life a life of separation from loved ones in those days by law she wasn’t allowed to touch others and they were not allowed to touch her, can you imagine the life of not ever being able to be touched, every one needs a loving touch every now and then. She had lived a life of an out cast she lived a life always looking in at every one else she was lonely, she suffered daily with several things one was she was physically hurting and no one to help her. Then she suffered socially she couldn’t be married she couldn’t have a boy friend or even a friend to confide in. She couldn’t even work around others She was left on the fringes of society begging for scraps of others. Her life had left her moving from one rejection to another lonely, isolated, and desperate!  I wonder how many in today’s time feel the same way rejection is hard for any one and loneliness can be an awful place to live inside your self. Are you filled with suffering you may not have the disease she had but maybe you can relate to her life style she had to live.

Then one day came Jesus she heard he was coming and what he had done for others and she had to get to him She was desperate have you got to the point in your life of desperation.  Well she had determination to make it to him through the crowd around him, and she by faith said “if I could just touch the hem of his garment” and she did. And Jesus said “Who touched me” and turned around and seen this poor lady and she bowed and was getting ready for more rejection that she had endured her whole life but when Jesus spoke to her He wasn’t interested in humiliating her He just wanted to help her with her problem and He did. There were many people touching him that day in that crowd but one little poor anemic woman touched him with the touch of faith and got healed something no doctor could do. I just wonder who would need to touch him with the fingers of faith and reach out to him for help. He and only He can give help to the hopeless God Bless you and I pray you would reach out to him in your time of need. He’s their reach out to him where ever you are and call on him personally He really does love you. God bless you I hope the Spirit of the living God has touched you through this written word if he has please let me know.


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  1. thelordswife says:

    It’s wonderful that you’re offering loving encouragement to people like this! 🙂 We all need to touch the garment of Christ and be healed. Great new look for your site by the way. I have been writing pages for my blog, the latest of which is titled Romance, and should be up soon, have you had a chance to look at them?

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