The Holiness of Marriage

Marriage is meant to be a holy vow unto God himself, and these days marriage has become more or less a joy ride for some who do not take those Holy vows seriously. They stay together until they are tired of it and they divorce like it means nothing. But it does mean something you have broken your vow to God for one and then you have broken your vow to your mate.

Marriage is meant to be a commitment for life.

“Until death do us part”  not “until we get tired of loving one another or until I find some one to whom I like more or until we have an argument.

Marriage by all means is not easy, I know people and you do too that have been married for 50-60 years and when you ask them how they stayed married so long they will tell you it takes a lot of work. I am praying that marriage will one day be like it use to be, one man one women for a life time, I know some don’t share my views on this but that is bible and that is where I get my direction from.

One thing I have learned that will help is never go to bed angry at one another always say “I am sorry please forgive me” even if it is not your fault and the next day they will most likely not even remember the argument You cant let an argument over a little thing ruin things. even if it is not your fault if you are the man or women get it settled before bed never go to bed angry because you will wake up and it will boil to something worse than before so please those 5 little words will help resolve numerous arguments.  Use them they work!

When a marriage is in trouble the couple should seek counsel a mediator that can help bring back the harmony in the Home.

Some would say I just don’t love her any more or I just don’t love him any more Well get it back you once loved them enough to marry them. The love will fade away. I am not an expert on marriage and don’t claim to be but in my marriage I am the spiritual leader and the leader of my house hold and my wife will be the first to tell you It is hard for her to listen and do what I ask of her and no I do not treat her like a slave we are equal in this partnership.

I like to get my wife flowers every quarter or every 3 months I tell men that are married get an account at a flower shop, and  pick a card up every now and then and let them know how special they are to you. If you can’t get an account at a flower shop go to Kroger or some where or pick some out of your yard just any thing that will let them know how special they are and if you do this you will be helping your self also a reminder of how special they are. If you have a wife that is strong-willed and a controlling person like mine is my wife is a very independent woman and she says what she thinks but that is OK she needs a voice in our relationship. But she still listens to me when it matters. The main thing in our marriage is I tell her to love Christ more than she loves me and I will love Christ more than I love her and then I can be the husband she needs and she can be the wife I need her to be. Little things in our relationship mean a lot. She works later than I do so I cook for her She loves that. The little things will add up to big things and the more little things I do the more she will listen when I say “Honey you need to read you bible more” and she does I write her morning devotions I know her more that some one who wrote a book of devotions I know her spiritual needs. As she knows mine. Marriage is a holy divine institute ordained by God. It is a picture of the church with Christ being the head of the church. So the Husband is the head of the home. Some men are so hen-pecked they roost on the bed post at night. Listen don’t be mean Love your wife like Christ loved the church and she will love you for it and harmony will be in the home. “Marriage is Holy” please don’t take it lightly, I really hope my rambling helps in some small way. God Bless each of you. Soon I will write

” How to keep the Love in Marriage” until then try and try some more. God bless

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