You are a Beautiful Person

You are a Beautiful Person

The attitude of self worth can and is very destructive in those who have lived a life of Guilt, some times caused by a horrible incident when they were a child like abusive parents or being molested as a child or just being mentally abused . They have a sense of Guilt that is overwhelming and they don’t understand that they have an opportunity to begin again. I was an assistant to the pastor in a Baptist church, but denomination has no baring on helping people see that they are made unique and different. Every one of us have been designed by God to be different and unique in our own personal way, we have been “Fearfully and wonderfully made” especially by God our creator.

The media has slaughtered many men and women’s Idea of being successful because they get this idea in their head that if I don’t have money or if I am not pretty, people will look down on me . Which causes a problem psychologically and their self worth then  is based on the worlds standards. Teens battle this all the time we need to make sure we let them know they are great just the way they are and keep their self esteem up. If you have a teenage girl please mother and father don’t let make up an cloths be what they go to for self-worth tell them help the be secure in their bodies and to keep their bodies pure and Holy and acceptable unto the Lord. Let them know they are loved like they are.

I have counseled many women that had the sweetest spirit and any man would be blessed to have them, but they have watched so much TV that they think if there not a super model they don’t have a chance at a happy marriage or even meeting a man who will love them for who they are.

I really want to help you if you are reading this You are a special person,

But first you have to deal with the guilt, HOW?

1. Take control over your feelings, take Gods Word as fact it supersedes all feelings. Feelings are always changing but facts never change.

Start using a journal to write down your prayers and then check it after about a month and see where God has intervened in your life and answered prayer,

The Lord Jesus Christ Loves you and the bible says he will “in no wise cast you out. You are beautiful in the sight of God and I guarantee if you find a church you will find out that you are beautiful to a lot more people also. I know our church accepts people as they are no matter if you are a doctor or you just came from the Salvation army shelter we treat all men and women the same and God willing you will find a church similar to ours. I will be writing more on this subject and I am sorry for my poor writing skills but I truly believe God can help you. If you need to talk confidentially send me a message God Bless And remember you are a beautiful person. Email me at:


9 comments on “You are a Beautiful Person

  1. lee1968 says:

    Very well written , Here’s looking at you kid. >>smile<<

    • gharlow says:

      Thank you for the comment I really need to improve my writing skills we have and english professor that attends my church I may hit him up for some pointers. your blog is great.

      • lee1968 says:

        And, Thank you. I think your blog is great and is very educational and I will read it in more detail as soon as I get more time.

  2. thelordswife says:

    Thank you for writing such a loving post, you are so right to point out that we shouldn’t be judging anything by the world’s standards, but rather by God’s. Just seeing such a nice person helped me this evening, your warmth is wonderful to see, so you’ve already helped someone! 🙂

    God bless you my friend.

    • gharlow says:

      There is a blog I wrote under gharlow1 I was confused on how to use this site. But its called “The touch that changed a life” I wrote it but it helped me and encouraged me. thank you for your reply God Bless you.

  3. lee1968 says:

    Hello, Don’t doute your writing skills because what you wrote made perfect sence and for that you have done well.

    I think you could definitley help me out with some issues I have and I look forward to talking with you more.


    • gharlow says:

      I wrote a blog called “The touch that changed a life” if you have time would you read it and let me know what you think just if you have the time, thank you for your comment that is encouraging to me.God Bless

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