Helps for hurting and discouraged people

In today’s world there is much turmoil and discouragement and many cases chaos on every corner. We pay attention to the news media and a lot of the time it is showing us tragedy and chaos in our country and others, and that in it self is striking fear in lots of people, and fear is the cause of many problems anxiety and numerous other problems to many to mention, but fear can cause anxiety with the economic problems and joblessness on every corner it is discouraging. That is why we need to look for help from above, we can’t look to the government to help us every time we need it, but we can look to the Lord Jesus Christ. Most problems stem from the spiritual realm, believe it or not. If we could get our selves right spiritually we could overcome some of our problems mentally.

When I was down at my lowest point in my life, my friend gave me a bible verse that helps me today John 8:36 “If the son therefore shall make you free ye shall be free indeed.” and there is a lot of truth in that it helped me and if I can be helped by it I want to help others with biblical truths also. Some folks don’t believe in the bible that is OK but that is the only way I know how to help people and it has worked for 9 years for lots of people with countless problems. I have counseled many people in 9 years some times 2-3 a day and the majority of there problems stem from the spiritual realm. I am not an expert on these things all I know is what I have seen and heard, from people in real life situations, counselors often put band- aids on peoples problems in stead of getting to the root of there problems of course I counsel for free and others I hate to say it but have people come back for money. Please don’t be offended.

I want to help you if your discouraged I have some things I have picked up along the way that may help you, if you are facing discouraging times I wish I could listen to you but I will give you what I have.

People need Hope we all need hope and Jesus in John 14:1-27 gives his disciples hope in this perilous time in there life. If you are familiar with the story, Jesus and his disciples were in the upper room some call it the “The Last Supper” He was telling them of the things to come in the near future. I love the first expression he gave them. “Let not your hearts be troubled” , Six simple words offered Hope in a hopeless time, he told them he was getting ready to die.

These men had been with him for 3 years they had become close to him and they heard the devastating news  of his death sentence. Yes there hearts were troubled, they were heavy with sorrow and burdened with grief but even in the hour of his greatest trial Jesus still loved them and tried to comfort him this seems odd, they should have comforted him but he comforted them. It would be imposable to cover the whole chapter but lets look at some important things that Jesus  comforted his men and you and I can find comfort from this very lesson also. I ask you to open you heart now and let thin in. “prayerfully”.

As I said we live in an hour of great uncertainty for many in today’s time there are many uncertain futures and many troubled hearts all around us there are hurting people some hide it pretty well but believe me they are hurting I have a motto “Every one is hurting in some way”. Look with me at some places where Jesus offered Hople.

In this passage Jesus tells them “There is hope for tomorrow”. (Paraphrased) He tells them he is going to prepare a place for them so soon they could join him. If your like me Heaven will be my home one day. We have greater days to look forward to.God Bless you I will continue and edit more and shorten But I have a lot more to say,I will finish this tonight or this week end, God Bless and Look up

“casting  all your cares upon him for he careth for you.